The best rafting spots in B&H

On hot summer days, local and foreign tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina particularly enjoy rafting. Embarking down a river in an open-platform rubber boat, feeling the wild force of the most gorgeous rivers in B&H and the calm of its lakes is a unique experience you will always happily return to. All the way from Una to Drina, there are tourist destinations with rafts to rent and set sail on a real summer adventure.

Jablaničko jezero

Rafting on the Drina River

Rafting season on the Drina River is a one of-a-kind tourism brand. The most popular rafting trip takes you down from Ustikolina to Goražde. It is 25 kilometres long and takes four to five hours to complete depending on the water level and additional activities you can choose from such as fishing, swimming in the refreshing turquoise river waters, kayaking or cycling, sunbathing on a raft or on the banks of the Drina River with sandy and pebbly beaches or fragrant flowery meadows. Apart from rafting, you have got to try culinary specialties on offer, including a unique local specialty—fish stew.

Splavarenje na Drini

Contact: Obner d.o.o.

Telephone: 061/136-903

Rafting on the Jablaničko Lake

There are no words to describe the pleasure you feel rafting on Jablaničko Lake’s heaven-like beauty. You can rent out a special raft at Peta, the most popular beach on the lake, head out to the middle of the lake and swim all you want as there is nobody else around, swim to the dam or all the way to the renowned B&H Golden Gate—the suspension bridge in Ostrožac, all the while you are surrounded by fascinating landscapes. On a raft, you will also get to enjoy traditional B&H culinary specialties, while the aroma of grilled food adds to the experience. 

Contact: Rent-a-boat Jablaničko Lake

Telephone: 060/30-30-882

Rafting on the Una River

Dating back to the earliest existence of humankind and the Una River, people have rafted in this area. On Japodski islands—the heart-shaped river islets just outside Bihać—the old rafting tradition is still quite widespread. It really is quite a remarkable experience. Apart from rafting, spending the night in a tree house and relaxing in pristine nature, riding a boat is one of those things you simply have to try out once you are here. Always cheerful, the skippers in Krajina will show you all there is to see.

Contact: Una-Aqua Centre

Telephone: 063/141-414; 061/604-313


Rafting on the Bunica River

Imagine exploring on of the deepest springs in the region without getting wet? Rafting on one of the loveliest rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose beautiful blue waters require no image filtering, is a genuine anti-stress therapy. Rafting on the Bunica River has become increasingly popular, and visitors are mainly drawn by its 73-meter deep spring, the deepest one in Europe, the colours of which are mesmerising. It is also a scuba-diving attraction. The spring is embraced by the 200-metre high nature wonder Parila cliff which is rich in flora and fauna. The rafting trip takes an hour and a half to complete. During the trip, local coffee is served and there is locally-grown fresh fruit to freshen up your day.

Contact: Bunica Boating

Telephone:  061/293-110

Rafting on the Sana River

On the banks of the Sana River in Sanski Most, a heartbeat away from Hamzibegova Mosque, the quirky bar called Frully’s Bar is nestled. It is an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the town centre. From here, you can embark on a boat down the Sana River. The raft is covered and one can easily steer it single-handedly down the calm river, which makes your trip through these breath-taking landscapes even more special. At the bar, you can also order food and drinks to take on the trip which takes an hour. If luck is on your side and there is not much crowd, you can enjoy you time on the raft until you get bored with it—but you certainly will not.

Contact: Frully’s bar 

Telephone: 061/695-408


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