Vacation High up in the Mountains

Ethno villages in Montenegro are places where you can feel the distant spirit of times long past, eat healthy food and recharge your batteries for new challenges that lie ahead.

A day trip to, an overnight or multi-day stay in one of the many ethno villages offers plenty of things to do which distinguishes them from other similar villages. There are several reasons why this is true. Montenegrin ethno villages are situated in places which are really special, usually on a mountain slope at an altitude of one thousand meters or higher, they are surrounded by natural attractions and made of wood or rock. In their close proximity, hiking and biking trails have been built, and rivers and lakes close by are suitable for rafting or boat tour lovers. In these ethno villages you can enjoy the abundance of pristine natural landscapes and traditional features of ancient lifestyles, and feel in harmony with nature and free.

 Best Ethno Villages

Magical ecological environments offer visitors local cuisine, local specialties, and assistance in exploring the nearby countryside. These are the most beautiful ethno villages in Montenegro: Izlazak, Milogora in Piva, Nevidio, Jatak in Pošćenje, Vuković near Bijelo Polje, Komnenovo close to Plavsko Lake, Montenegro in Brezna, and eco shepherd huts called Vranjak on Mt. Bjelasica and Štavna on Mt. Komovi.

If you happen to take the road to the fairy-like little huts that seem so peaceful, although it is more likely that it will be a narrow path leading up to them, do not hesitate, pull over. The hosts will be happy to see you, and you will have an opportunity to see how cattle breeders have been living in the summer months for centuries, up there, in huts high up in the mountains.


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