The Aegean Region visited by B&H travel agents and media

The representatives of travel agencies and media visited the Aegean Region in Turkey


This was a reciprocal visit at the invitation of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and the rich program included, among other activities, a tour of hotels in Kusadasi, Bodrum and Marmaris, numerous resorts and aqua parks, Ephesus, Dalyan and Kaunos.

In the spring, travel agencies will present the prices of new offers, sure to attract many travellers. The following travel agencies attended the trip: Dar prirode, Golden toursINtour, LambadaVTA, VIP, Travels, M97toursAlbatros, Sirius TravelCentrotrans SarajevoTravel Centar and Akdeniz, and also the Association of Employers Zenica, and when it comes to media, magazine, and TV station Al Jazeera.


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