The Most in Demand Travel Jobs

Imagine if you could travel the world and get paid for it! Many people do not find working 8 to 5 jobs that appealing any more. Why would you want to spend your day in an office cubicle when you could combine work and fun into your daily life and travel too! Following lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is not entirely surprising that interest in travel-centred jobs has increased by 140%.

A List of Popular and Sought-after Jobs Involving or Allowing Travel

Now more than ever, it is possible to travel the world for a living. Experts at decided to find out which travel-permitting jobs are most in demand. They put together a seed list of popular and sought professions and ‘jobs’ to find out which job had the highest global average search volumes.

This might come as a surprise, but the most in-demand travel-permitting job is truck driver. The reason for this is that it is a highly-paid job both in Europe and in the US. A career as a pilot is also attractive for many reasons, from having an office above the clouds, earning an appealing salary, to visiting parts of the world you would have never explored before. 

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Being a nurse allows you to travel too. There is a high demand for travel nurses. Travel nurses are registered nurses who work in short-term roles at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities around the world, and they make a great living.

In fourth place is translator. Translation is a multi-billion-dollar industry and will likely open up a number of travel opportunities.

Placing fifth is the job of a travel agent. It is all about travelling and is high in demand. A great perk of the job is that some travel agents often go on discounted trips to luxury resorts sponsored by hotel companies to familiarise themselves with the experiences they are selling.

The top 10 most in demand travel jobs

  1. Truck driver
  2. Pilot
  3. Travel nurse
  4. Translator
  5. Travel agent
  6. Air hostess
  7. Interpreter
  8. English teacher
  9. Au Pair
  10. Travel blogger
  1. Tour guide
  2. Yacht stewardess
  3. Travel writer
  4. Travel planner
  5. Travel photographer
  6. Stagehand
  7. Travel marketing
  8. Ski instructor
  9. Scuba diving instructor
  10. Cruise staff

Choosing the Right Career

If you love travelling and exploring new countries and lifestyles, and you are already pursuing one of these careers, then we have given you an idea of how you can travel the world for a living.

For those of you who put an equal sign between travelling and having a great time, becoming a “roadie” might sound like an amazing job. Roadies are the support personnel who travel with a band on tour and run the show behind the scenes. Other jobs high in demand are original art dealers, archaeologists, volunteers, entertainers and waiters. The job of a waiter, and in general catering staff, is sought after in Croatia in particular due to a shortage of staff, which is why many Bosnians and Herzegovinians spent the summer working and enjoying themselves along the Adriatic coast.

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A relatively new but extremely popular is the job of a digital nomad. Digital nomads can work from an airport, a café, a train/bus station or from a city park. If digital marketing, design, social media marketing, SEO, software development or content marketing is your dream job, then this is the right career for you—take the opportunity to do what you love while travelling. The fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the world’s top countries for digital nomads because it offers affordable food, housing and stable internet connection is quite interesting.


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If what is holding you back is worry that you are not an expert in some of these roles, the good news is that there are courses, educational and training programmes you can take to become an entertainer, a recreational ski instructor, a recreational sport instructor in general, an accommodation host in the tourism industry, etc.


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