Visit Konjic

We invite you to visit the most attractive destinations, enjoy traditional Bosnian cuisine and experience an unforgettable adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s pristine nature.

A combination of outdoor activities and cultural and heritage sites makes Visit Konjic agency’s offer unique and your trip unforgettable.

1.Top Adventure Offer

Canyoning Tour

Check out the second deepest canyon in Europe!

2.Former Yugoslavia’s Big Secret

Tito’s Bunker

Visit the nuclear bunker and military command center hidden under Mount Zlatar.

3.Discover Lukomir’s Pristine Nature – Biking or Hiking Tour

Explore pristine nature and try B&H organic food.

4.Experience the Best Team Building Activity

Rafting Tour

Partake in and enjoy this magical experience with your friends and family.


Visit Konjic

Adresa/Address: Donje Polje do broja 1

88400 Konjic

Telefon/Phone: +387 61 072 027 / +387 62 922 992




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