Iris Lifestyle Wellness & Spa – Oasis of Rest and Relaxation in...

Iris Lifestyle Wellness & Spa – Oasis of Rest and Relaxation in the Heart of Sarajevo

Have you ever wondered why Iris Day Spa is the place to go for a truly relaxing time, while strolling through the center of the city? The interior is really special, and its status as an oasis of comfort was confirmed a long time ago, due to its offer of relaxation and refreshment for the entire body and mind.

Iris Lifestyle Wellness & Spa is the right address for relaxation after a stroll through the city. In the luxurious therapeutic rooms, you will discover the meaning of absolute peace. In order to get some energy back that our busy lifestyles take away from us, there is the  hydrotherapeutic jacuzzi, while the daily spa treatment for the face is recommended for the perfect appearance. A number of services are offered here, so you will find a special menu of massages, treatment packages, LPG lipomassages, hand and feet treatments, depilation, make-up, LPG treatments for the face and body, scrubs, pedicures, manicures…


The interior of this exclusive wellness space was design by the famous architect Amir Vuk Zec, and the building where it is located was designed by Josip Vancaš, whose works are today considered to be the most valuable sights of Sarajevo. The building where Central Hotel is situated was declared  to be of cultural and historical significance for B&H. 

The space at Iris Lifestyle combines the philosophy and mystique of the Orient, the technology of the West, and traditional and modern treatments which bring your body and mind into harmony. Would you like to sail across the fragrant sea… via silk towards a velvety complexion? We will take you through the wealth of the Orient, the sensuality of Brazil, the adventure of Bali and the diversity of India. We have tamed earth, air, fire and water to be at your service. 

Do you crave mental relaxation? We are the first and only place in B&H where you can use IYASHI DOME – Japanese sauna, which aids in naturally rebalancing the body, weight loss, body detox, and muscle relaxation.


Have you ever wanted to have an hour or two just for yourself, completely relaxed, without the worries and burdens of this world? When you travel through the kingdom of magic or simply feel that it is time for true relaxation. That is where the therapists of Iris are waiting for you… In the room designed for rest, the special Relax room, where along with the chirping of birds and the murmur of water, you are left with yourself.

Do not forget – from the first step you take into Day Spa Iris, you will be overcome with a feeling of timelessness. All the worries of this world are left by the door, and everything is adapted to our senses. Let them enjoy it. All the senses in the magic called Iris, which symbolize the rainbow, colors and luck. The team of experts and the top products at Iris Day Spa will help your senses experience true pleasure. You should give „Iris time“ as a gift to people whose friendship you really value, as the Iris was always known as one of the most powerful symbols of hope, faith, wisdom, respect and lasting friendship.

Stroll over to Iris Day Spa or make your appointment at or by telephone at
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