Summer, Keeper of our Health

Summer, Keeper of our Health

The sea, sunbathing, a stroll and light meals are a simple and efficient way to a healthy and happy person. During the warmest season, we also have more energy, while health issues are less pronounced, and our moods are better. That is how summer has a positive impact on us and is a keeper of our health. During summer, we are more active, while moderate sunbathing boosts our immune system, and blood pressure is lowered.


When we go swimming, almost all our muscles are activated, and this makes them stronger. People who have painful joints or arthritis can freely exercise in water, which is very useful for them. Swimming is good for depression and elevates mood, and a daily one-hour walk is like an antidepressant, with a positive influence on weight and metabolism.


During summer, we eat strawberries, berries, peaches, watermelons… and other fresh fruit, a lot more than during other seasons. Apart from being very tasty, fruit is also very healthy, full of antioxidants and vitamins, and it has very few calories. The Mediterranean gourmet cuisine is ideal, with a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat.


During summer, everyone has lower blood pressure, especially chronic patients who suffer from hypertension, as heat dilates the blood vessels. As a result, patients take less medication for lowering blood pressure, which automatically has a positive effect on the liver. In addition, warm temperatures have a positive effect on patients with vascular disease.


Nice weather, and especially summer holidays, give most of us a new perspective and motivation to dedicate ourselves to our goals. Another efficient way for getting rid of stress and depression is exposure to sun rays, especially the ones in morning and late afternoon hours. During holidays, we find time to go on walks, so it is best to go for a walk with someone whose company you enjoy, as this raises the level of the love hormone in the brain.